Perks of indulging yourself in an Indian Cuisine….

Perks of indulging yourself in an Indian Cuisine….

I am sure, once in your life, you must have heard the misconception that Indian food is oily and spicy…that puts a question in the mind of a lot of people is Indian food even healthy? We promise you that we’ll clear that confusion by providing you with enough proof and evidence which would compel you automatically to taste it and have one of the most exciting experiences of your life. As Indian food is a gold mine of health benefits with a myriad of fibre-rich food.

Since childhood, we have heard, “Never forget your roots”: Now this doesn't only apply to values but also to what we consume in a day to day life.  Indian food is nearly 8000 years old which explains to us why the early man was so healthy and fit

So, without wasting much time… let’s dive into the supremacy and incredibility of Indian food

1. An Immunity booster 

We all know that the key to fighting this covid-19 pandemic is either immunity or social distancing. Well, the second one is your sole decision but we have got you covered with the first one because ‘Indian food doesn't have only aromatic and strong flavours but has added health benefits while being tasteful at the same time. This statement is not said by us but is proved by research and studies again and after. Still, wondering! How Indian food does it? Well, its fights free radicals in our body resulting in the prevention of several diseases and increasing our immunity system.


   2.  Magical Health Benefits

I am sure that we all wonder why the food that our inner soul wants is always tasty. However, the food that our body wants to be fit and healthy is not always tasty. Well, if that thought comes into your mind it will not come again as Indian food is not only mouth-smacking but is incredibly healthy for our body. For instance, Ginger and garlic are good for the heart whereas chillies keep our metabolism right even yoghurt which is served in every cultural cuisine is a high source of calcium and has comparatively very low fat than the western sauces' e.g mayonnaise. The most important factor is it is cooked with a lot of vegetables and we all know how much nutrients it provides to your body. So, if you are looking for these all health benefits while also indulging in immense pleasure for yourself and your tongue!!! Here’s your chance to buy yourself an Indian thali and make smile your body and soul.

A quick tip: Wherever possible choose sunflower or vegetable oil over ghee or clarified butter as it's better for our cholesterol.

3. Thrills your Taste buds

Would you love your life if we strived hard daily and had all the luxuries of life but still couldn't satisfy our taste buds by not giving them the food it craves for? I guess all food lovers have a big ‘NO’ for this question as we all know how important the taste of dishes is in our life. If you belong to this category then we are sure nothing can serve you better than an Indian Cuisine as it's the only food that you really need not overconsume much to satisfy your tongue, only a small of it is more than enough to give pleasure to your tastebuds which assists you to intake fewer calories. The reason being is that India’s diet vibrancy and diversity keep it intriguing which is a blooming component of every cuisine as its variety prevents monotony and overeating.

4. Loads of Grains

We all know, that India is the land of agriculture and every year tonnes of grains are sowed for the consumption of food in the country itself. We cannot even name them as there are so many grains that act as a miracle for your health. But we can name a few, let's take an example of rice, we all know we are in the era of low carb diets as everyone wants to be skinny in a healthy way but the irony is that people forget the rice even though it has low amount of carbs. The next one is the perfect combination of rice and rajma which is prevalent for centuries and ages not because of its delectable taste but because it has all the amino acids which are essential for an individual’s well being. 

A quick tip: Choose plain boiled rice over pulao as they have less oil and when it comes to choosing the kind of rice, Brown Basmati rice is all time best choice.

5. Lucrative for the Human mind 

Our brain is always buzzing and thinking 24 by 7. We can go to sleep but it is always working by sending signals to other organs. So it's obvious it needs ultimate energy and food is the only external source of our energy we can provide to our body. So it's high time we provide our minds with quality food to lead an enjoyable journey of life. To pamper yourself with a constant supply of nutrients there could be no better choice than Indian food. As its herbs and spices help to avert cognitive decline as well as increase memory. Research has also proved that intake of Indian food reduces the chances of acquiring dementia.

The supremacy of Indian food all over the globe is not mere hidden and hence a lot of people are craving to have these exquisite cuisines. We are really very lucky that these days Indian dishes are available in all parts of the world and today everyone could taste the authentic taste of true spices and herbs even being miles apart from him and all the credit goes to overseas Indian restaurants. One of the gems that serve the best Indian cuisine is Desycan, Whitehorse in Canada. You can visit us at fireweed market, Shipyard Park. Have a look at our menu on our WEBSITE now.


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